Nine GOP County Chairs Endorse John DeFrancisco for Governor

February 9, 2018

Today, Republican chairmen from nine counties endorsed John DeFrancisco for Governor. Previously, Onondaga County Chairman Tom Dadey endorsed Senator DeFrancisco.

Statement from Broome County Chairman Bijoy Datta:

“I’m endorsing Senator John DeFrancisco for Governor because he is best candidate for us to compete – and win – this race for Governor. He has a long, strong record of standing up to Governor Cuomo, pushing to hold the line on taxes and fighting to clean up Cuomo’s Albany mess.

“The time for our party to unite behind John DeFrancisco is now. I urge our State’s Republican leaders to join me in standing with Senator DeFrancisco.”

Statement from Chemung County Chairman Rodney Strange:

“I enthusiastically endorse John DeFrancisco for Governor and look forward to working with him to ensure victory in November. After nearly eight years of Governor Cuomo, its time for a new direction. We need to elect a strong leader to fight for hardworking families all across New York state, to ensure they have good paying jobs, a quality education for their children, and the ability to afford where they live. I know that John DeFrancisco is that leader.”

Statement from Chenango County Chairman Tom Morrone:

“As the longest serving County Chairman in New York State, I know how critical it is to have strong, ethical and honest leadership. Under Andrew Cuomo, we’ve been mired in corruption scandals and a failing economy. New Yorkers deserve better, which is why I enthusiastically endorse John DeFrancisco for Governor. He will be a strong voice for all New Yorkers and put us on the path to economic prosperity.”

Statement from Delaware County Chairwoman Maria Kelso:

“I enthusiastically endorse John DeFrancisco for Governor because we need an honest leader, who will put the harding working people of New York above all other considerations.

“Governor Cuomo has been an economic disaster for New York, especially the Southern Tier. I urge everyone to support John DeFrancisco as our next Governor, so we can get New York moving in the right direction, with lower taxes and more jobs.”

Statement from Jefferson County Chairman Don Coon:

“Andrew Cuomo’s failed economic policies have forced millions of New Yorkers to leave our state in search of jobs and opportunity. We need a Governor who will fight to lower taxes, create jobs and make New York affordable. I know that John DeFrancisco is an honest leader who will make New York a great place to work, live, raise a family and ultimately, retire. I’m proud to endorse John DeFrancisco for Governor.”

Statement from NYGOP Regional Vice Chairman and Madison County Chairman Todd Rouse:

“I am proud to endorse Senator John DeFrancisco for Governor. John has been a strong advocate for Central New York in the legislature and has always looked out for the taxpayers of New York.

“Under Governor Cuomo’s watch, we’ve had one corruption scandal after the next, and it has hurt our upstate economy. It needs to end. As Governor, John DeFrancisco will be a strong voice for our region and fight to protect the taxpayer, grow our economy and end the corruption in Albany. I urge my fellow chairs to join me in supporting John DeFrancisco for Governor.”

Statement from Montgomery County Chairwoman Rosemary Smith:

“This election is critical to the future of our state. Under Andrew Cuomo’s watch, millions of New Yorkers have left our state in search of jobs. Enough is enough. We need a Governor who will turn the upstate economic around. John DeFrancisco is a straight shooter, and he’s the type of leader we need. I’m proud to endorse his candidacy for Governor!”

Statement from Oneida County Chairman Pete Sobel:

“With unemployment rising across our state, corruption scandals playing out in courtrooms and more people leaving our state than coming to it, its clear now, more than ever, that we need a change in Albany.

“John DeFrancisco has been a strong voice for fiscal responsibility in the State Senate and an advocate for upstate New York. Under his leadership, I am confident New York State will once again become the Empire State. I proudly endorse John DeFrancisco for Governor.”

Statement from Tioga County Chairman Don Castellucci:

“Senator DeFrancisco is a principled leader, who has always fought to protect the hardworking taxpayers of New York state. Now more than ever, we need new leadership in Albany to help grow our economy, especially in the Southern Tier. I’m proud to support John DeFrancisco because I know he will turn our state around and put an end to the corruption that has existed under Governor Cuomo.”