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Fundamental Change for New York

“Under Andrew Cuomo’s watch, the state has been mired in one corruption scandal after the next, resulting in the highest taxes, the worst business climate, high energy costs, a failing transportation and infrastructure system, rising unemployment in every region of the state and the highest out-migration of its citizens. Enough is enough.”

“New Yorkers deserve a leader they can trust and one who will fight for what is right for them and their families! As Governor, I will bring about fundamental change to ensure that every New Yorker has the opportunity to achieve financial security and upward mobility. We will implement policies to make New York a great place to work, live, raise a family, and ultimately, retire.”

— John DeFrancisco

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In order to win, we must successfully prosecute the case against Andrew Cuomo. I’m the only candidate capable of doing that.

How long will it take for Andrew Cuomo to answer serious questions about the illegal activities going on in his office? The clock is ticking, Andrew.

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Now that the trial is over, it’s time for Andrew Cuomo to answer some questions. How could this happen and how did he “not” know about it?

Andrew Cuomo said he would answer questions when the trial was over. It’s over. Speak up Andrew. New Yorkers deserve an answer as to why their state government has been up for sale under your administration.

Whether it’s those seeking business before the state, or those seeking employment with the state, one thing is clear: Andrew Cuomo expects them to pay to play! It’s nothing more than a shake-down! It’s wrong, if not illegal.

I look forward to going to the Republican Governors Association winter meeting in Washington D.C. tomorrow.

Hit the nail on the head!

Great seeing Rockland County Executive Ed Day and Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann at Ed’s Victory Gala last night in Pearl River, NY. Rockland County Republican Party

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Andrew Cuomo’s tax scheme is the work of a mind severed from reality and reason. We need to cut taxes and spending, period.

The bottom line, we need to cut taxes and spending in NYS. Andrew Cuomo is more interested in economic development schemes that appear to be nothing more than shake downs and a new tax scheme that defies reality and reason. It’s time to end the #statuscuomo

Andrew Cuomo’s tax scheme is the work of a mind severed from reality and reason. The only way to address federal tax reform is to cut taxes and spending in NYS - not create more government bureaucracy and convoluted schemes that the IRS will never accept.