The DeFrancisco Plan To Fix New York

Cut taxes and regulations to make it easier for lower and middle-class New Yorkers to start and own a business, buy a home and afford to raise their families.

Ensure every child has access to a quality, affordable education by supporting an “all of the above” approach and unshackle our teachers so they can once again be free to teach.

Invest in our infrastructure and transportation needs to fix our roads, bridges, tunnels, and mass transit system, especially the MTA and increase the capacity of our pipelines and transmission lines to reduce the cost of energy.

Combat the heroin and opioid crisis affecting our communities by investing in education, prevention, and treatment programs and ensuring law enforcement has the resources they need.

End corruption in state government by enacting stronger laws and eliminating Cuomo’s failed economic programs, like Start Up NY that result in higher taxes and a “pay-to-play” culture.